A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game is about something in the sky.

Grow trees between worlds to catch that something. Control the environment by collecting other worlds inside your home planet.

Click a planet and see how it affects your trees and other stuff. Click your home planet to make a tree grow faster.

It sounds. Sound is important. The game will be better with headphones.

Use W, A, S, D and Shift + (W,A) to move.

The game was made for Ludum Dare 34 (Compo).

WARNING! If you have epileptic attacks or something like this, please don't run the game.

They saw something beautiful in the sky.
They desired to own it.
They were powerful enough to move planets and destroy stars.
They decided to reach it.

They call it Lucy.


2015-12-19 version 0.04

  • Free camera;
  • Tree looks and behaves more like a tree;
  • Tiny sound improvements.


TCIL_0.04_win.zip 17 MB
TCIL_0.04_mac.zip 19 MB
TCIL_0.04_linux.zip 19 MB
TCIL_0.03_win.zip (Ludum Dare 34 version) 17 MB
TCIL_0.03_mac.zip (Ludum Dare 34 version) 20 MB

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